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Key Benefits of a Termite Inspection

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Early Detection
Early detection is key in preventing severe damage from occurring.
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Full Inspection
A full inspection includes all areas of the home or office (small areas, crawl spaces, attics, etc.)
Peace of mind

Key Benefits When Selling Your Home

Quality Inspection
A good quality termite inspection prevent any surprises when selling your home.
The Condition of Your Home
An inspection will reveal your homes condition before you place it on the market.
More Flexibility
If a termite inspection is conducted before any deposit, a homeowner has the option to make changes themselves or hire a contractor.

Drywood termites thrive in warm and humid coastal regions

termita drywood

As a result, a majority of termite infestations occur in the warm area of the US, including Florida, California, and Texas. If you live in any of these regions, your home can become a delicious snack for these wood loving pests.

Drywood termites are systemic destroyers. They have a rigid system with worker termites that a can devour homes from the inside out.

Gas fumigation with the capability to penetrate wood is the only sure way of getting rid of these pests.

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