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At Exxel Termite Co., we are dedicated to providing effective and professional solutions for termite control and house fumigation in Los Angeles. Our team of experts is recognized for their extensive experience and knowledge in the professional fumigation and termite control industry.

We offer a free, detailed termite inspection*, accurately identifying any signs of infestation and providing clear, personalized recommendations. Our services include house fumigation and spot treatments, performed by house fumigation experts to ensure complete eradication of termites.

At Exxel Termite Co., we not only focus on house fumigation, but also termite remediation. After eliminating termites, we offer repair solutions to restore the damage caused by these pests, providing complete protection for your home.

We pride ourselves on being termite control experts, using advanced methods and proven solutions to effectively eliminate these threats. Our fumigation service in Los Angeles is backed by years of experience and the dedication of our professional team to ensure the safety and peace of mind of your home.

At Exxel Termite Co., our priority is your satisfaction and protecting your home from termites. Trust our professional fumigation experts to provide you with reliable and effective solutions. Let us take care of your home and give you peace of mind in the fight against termites.

*Free termite inspection is subject to certain conditions and is valid only for new customers in Los Angeles.



trabajador inspeccionando casa con termitas
We go to your home to evaluate what your needs are in regard to termite control. Termites cost homeowners over 5 million dollars in treatment and repairs each year. Give us a call today to get your termite issue under control.
casa completamente cubierta para ser fumigada
If our inspection reveals that your home has a drywood termite or a powderpost beetle problem, the only known option that has been scientifically proven to get them under control is fumigation.
trabajador fumigando edificio
Fumigation is a completely safe and effective solution for ridding homes, schools, museums, and various other buildings of termites
techo de casa danada por termitas
Construction and Repairs
A big part of dealing with termites is repairing the damage they have caused. We have decades of combined experience in construction and termite damage repair. You’ll get a job well done for less than a what a contractor charges for the same job.

Key benefits of repairs made by EXXEL Termite Co.

Quality workmanship
At EXXEL Termite Co., our priority is delivering the highest quality workmanship in every repair. Our highly skilled technicians strive to ensure precision and care in every task, ensuring exceptional results that protect your home against termites and restore structural integrity.
Expert and dedicated professionals
Our team comprises expert and dedicated professionals committed to excellence in every step of the repair process. With extensive experience in termite control and house fumigation, they provide effective and meticulous solutions to safeguard your home.
No need to hire a third party
At EXXEL Termite Co., we are a comprehensive solution. You won't need to hire third parties for termite repairs. From initial inspection to executing necessary repairs, our team handles everything, saving you time, effort, and worries.
Fully authorized and insured
We are fully licensed and insured to carry out termite repairs, offering peace of mind and confidence to our clients. Each service is backed by guarantees to ensure lasting and reliable results.
You’ll save money
With EXXEL Termite Co., you'll not only receive high-quality service but also find excellent value for your investment. Our comprehensive and efficient services are designed for long-term cost savings, preventing future infestations and effectively repairing existing damages.

Reasons Why You Should Exterminate Termites

Safeguarding Structural Integrity
Termites can cause substantial damage to your home's structure, weakening beams, door frames, and other wooden components. By exterminating them, you preserve structural integrity, avoiding costly repairs and ensuring long-term safety for your property.
Preventing Property and Personal Belongings Loss
Termite infestations can lead to the loss of valuable items and important documents by damaging furniture, books, and other wooden possessions. Eliminating termites protects your belongings and prevents the loss of cherished personal property.
Family Health and Safety
Termites may cause mold and moisture by destroying structures, affecting indoor air quality. Eradicating them safeguards your family's health by preventing respiratory issues and allergies arising from these unhealthy home conditions.


"Awesome team! Super friendly at all times and very flexible / accommodating. Also very good prices and quick responses!!"

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Karly V.

"This Termite company has delivered for me multiple times. There pricing is more then fair and the work quality is great!!! I highly recommend this company..."

Mark J.

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